Lent is traditionally a time for giving things up, preparing for the new life that Easter signifies. This year could that new life be a new awakening in you?

This year we are beginning to look at Spirituality and the twelve steps.

The twelve step programme has helped millions of people connect with who they really are, recognising addictions with the support of communities across the world. We can see this and be glad for those who go through this fresh awakening of who they are without the need for substances to numb the pain. The reality is we all have addictions, whether it is an outwardly noticeable one or even addiction to our way of thinking many of us would benefit from space, time and guidance to look inwards, take stock and maybe leave things behind.

 What if this lent you could leave behind things that are holding you back from being who you really are?

Could ancient scriptures offer any insight into this without you signing up to a set of beliefs or Dogma’s?

 We are offering an opportunity to follow the teachings of Father Richard Rohr as he takes us on a journey deeper into who we are and the people we were meant to be.

 Each week, one person in the group will briefly summarise the ideas Richard Rohr outlines in his book.

 We will then eat together and talk, amongst friends, about the idea put forward, asking what resonates with us? What doesn’t?

 After the meal each person will have a few questions to ponder on their own, based on the discussions as a personal diary of this journey we are taking together. This isn’t to share with anyone else nobody needs to feel any pressure to share what you wrote, it is an opportunity to be real with yourself about the questions.

 We will then spend a few minutes creating space where people are free to speak about what has impacted them about the teaching? This isn’t a space for others to comment only to hear and learn from each other’s experience. We want this to be a safe space and ask everyone to honour confidentiality but in reality recognise that there are only brave spaces so nobody has to speak. We will end with a short meditation based around Centering prayer as we reflect on the evening.

To join us click on the flyer below to register . There is no cost for the course.