About St Columba

St Columba East London is a new community for Hackney Wick and Fish Island founded by the Church of England. 

“I feel it has been really accepting to people no matter what kind of background they come from… it’s been important for me to be a part of a community where I think I can share anything without feeling that there is going to be judgement towards me” Local Boater


The Church of England ordains Women and Men to care for the souls of those people in each Parish, and we want to create a community that provides space for this.

Life takes many twists and turns as we journey through it, we experience joy and pain, happiness and sorrow, connection and disconnection, these contrasting experiences can lead to an unrest of the soul.

Spirituality can be described as addressing this unrest of the soul and we want to help people explore their spirituality and as we do this together,  develop a deep sense of community.

Our hope is that St Columba will be a community where people can be open about their journey, where we can learn from each other and where we can bring people together to talk about life, its issues, joys and celebrate life in all of its diversity.

Rooted in practices of reflection, action and contemplation as a community we want to be present to each other, accepting of one another  and standing in solidarity with one another.  Learning to appreciate the whole of creation, taking time to reflect on life’s experiences whilst helping to grow  a community that seeks to serve one another, always seeking the best for each other.

St Columba holds the teachings of Jesus as our central reference point. It is Jesus’ radical inclusivity that  drives our value that people can belong with no strings attached.

We want to be part of the local the community walking with people as they journey and creating space with them so they can explore these issues of the soul.  We’re not about asking people to fit into structures and formats or sign up to a set of beliefs. We want to be known as people who care about the issues facing both individuals and the community that we live in. 

With so many changes happening in Hackney Wick and Fish Island we want to facilitate activities that bring people together, allowing the community of St Columba to be a resource for this area helping to bring a deeper sense of connection between people centred in hope and love.